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What’s that scent? Where is it coming from? Either proud on display or descretly nestled, our modern reed diffuser eliminates the conscious task of scenting your home. All day and evening, effortless but hard working, enjoy continuous elegant scent throw of your chosen perfume.
Easy to set up – Simply allow the perfume to soak & ascend the porous reed.

Ashley & Co® Home Perfume will diffuse for 4-6 months

Rose Otto
Powdery Musk
Resinous Amber
Scent Description
Kid around? Fresh Garden Rose mixed with Soft Powdery Musk smells like a baby-out-of-the-bath. Buyer beware a craving for bed time stories and milk and cookies could result.

Scent Profile
A juxtaposition of Rich Florals and Rose Otto blend harmoniously with the powdery base notes of Musk and Resinous Amber.

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