Welcome to palembanghome, a gift and homeware store dedicated to bringing you gorgeous gifts and beautiful products for your home.

In 1985 Lynsey Grant opened a store in the seaside city of Gisborne, New Zealand and called it palembang after the cane baskets and furniture she sold. Before long she added gorgeous giftware sourced from around the world to her collection and a local retail legend was born.

In 2002 Lynsey opened a second store named palembang@home which focussed on furniture, rugs and cushions to complement the gift store. After a few years of running back and forth between the two stores, Lynsey decided to redirect that energy into a single large store and so, in 2011, palembanghome was created.

Part of the beauty of Gisborne is that we are a little out of the way so by creating an online store we will be able to reach more people who we hope will join our lovely local customers.

We hope you enjoy visiting us online and would love to see you instore soon!

The team at palembanghome​​