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Nel Lusso Cariso Candle Holder Large

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There is now a move away from the high shine perfect gold, to a warmer aesthetic like brass. Brass is glamorous without being ostentatious, it is warmer and more relaxing with a sense of inherent quality. 


Our Cariso range embraces this movement and we here at Nel Lusso are very excited about our new Brass range. The Cariso Pillar candleholders are solid, strong and very statement worthy. Reminiscent of cathedrals and churches of Italy, they have such classical grandeur as a set of 3. Perfectly positioned on a dining table, hallway or coffee table these candleholders are exquisite and would make an incredible dinner party statement and for special occasions, Christmas, Easter, weddings, birthdays. A beautiful wedding, anniversary or 21st gift that will last a lifetime. Purchased individually or as a set of 3.

Coated with a brass finish and clear lacquer it is 100% food safe and will not tarnish, but hand wash is recommended.


Large 30 x 13cm

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