Stolzle Exquisit Burgundy 650ml Set/6

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 Made of 100% lead free crystal, Stolzle glassware provides higher clarity and brilliance than glassware that contains lead. The smooth touch and delicate chime of Stolzle crystal glassware lets your customers know they are receiving the very best product and service possible. Certified for over 1000 dishwasher rinse cycles and specially tempered for high resistance to breakage. Our line of Exquisit glasses combines strong, alluring functionality with elegant lines to maximize a wine's flavor and aroma. They are perfect for the busy restaurant with an upscale wine list and wine professionals alike. Burgundy glasses are designed to capture the aroma and delicacy of the Pinot Noir grape but are also perfect for all sorts of supple and well-aged red wines. The 23oz balloon design directs floral, earthy and fruity aromas to the nose while playing down heavier shades of alcohol and wood that might drown out these subtle notes. A wide rim directs the flow right over the front and center zones of the tongue, playing down acidity and accentuating the rounder, mellower qualities of the wine. Made in Weißwasser, Germany


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